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KNB helps you react correctly in emergencies. Be it as a manager in a company or as a person affected at the scene of the incident.


Implement simple organizational measures and processes in order to be able to react quickly.


Learn to correctly assess risks and to be able to react quickly in emergencies.


KNB has extensive experience at home and abroad and can actively participate in your emergency response. KNB has an international network of trustworthy people to help you quickly.




KNB advises and coaches your organization or your company on an individual basis. We establish business continuity management, review existing products, create analyzes and carry out process analyzes. At management level, we develop management skills, set up management structures and create planning and management products.

KNB will familiarize you and your team with the specific processes and associated responsibilities in the areas of management organization and emergency response.


The respective training and further education are individually tailored to your company or organization.

We carry out simulations for the management team as well as realistic exercises with everyone involved.


We use stress tests to check the approach of your employees and point out pragmatic solutions in order to subsequently implement complex processes.


We accompany your exercise as an external element of the exercise management and then discuss the actual / target status with the teams or people concerned.

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