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A crisis usually comes unexpectedly and unexpectedly. That should not be. Start learning from mistakes and look to the future. Mastering crises requires preparation, practice and experience.


KNB helps you before, during and after a crisis. Get your ship back on track and avoid costly mistakes.


Owners of a company and would like to prepare professionally for crises and emergencies. You would like a tailor-made solution for this.

Safety officer of a company and would like to discuss your safety concepts and processes with an external person.
Responsible for the security in your organization / your project and would like to implement your crisis and emergency management professionally.

Training supervisor and place the highest demands on the planning and implementation of your courses and want to design them correctly in terms of method and didactics.




KNB advises and coaches your organization or your company on an individual basis. We establish crisis management, review existing products, prepare needs and process analyzes and help you with the implementation.

At management level, we develop management competencies, set up management structures and create planning and management products.

KNB will familiarize you and your team with the specific processes and the associated responsibilities in the areas of management organization, crisis and emergency management, action planning and situation tracking / presentation. The respective training and further education are individually tailored to your company or organization.

KNB brings your management organization to its limits with tailor-made, realistic crisis and leadership exercises and shows the strengths and weaknesses of crisis management.

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